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  1. The future starts today, not tomorrow.

    -Pope Francis I



    The Network of the Catholic Inspired Organizations, together with the Commission of the Bishops Conference of the European Union (COMECE), organized panel debates at the European Economic and Social Commission last November 27, 2018. The Conference discussed what the future of work looks like for the next generation in the midst of digitalization and robotization, as we know that the world of work is facing many transformative changes, accelerating globalization and the rise of artificial intelligence on the one hand, and ecological challenges and a rise in unemployment on the other hand.


    Various panel experts underlined the importance of work from an inter-religious dialogue perspective, and John Harley of Eurofound presented a research on the issue of accessibility to work, unemployment, opportunities and threats. The statement of Ms. Sarah Prenger, the International President of the International Young Christian Workers (IYCW) who read testimonies and realities from many young workers in Europe, describing the challenges they face every day, was a good opportunity to confront those data and research.  

  2. After almost five (5) years of struggle, the Philippines Young Christian Workers (PYCW) finally held its 34th National Council (NC) of) from 30th April to 8th May 2018 in Taytay, Rizal. Young workers (YW) delegates from five regions – Cebu, Negros Occidental, IloIlo, Metro Manila and Camarines Norte – participated in the NC to represent their regions and share the realities. The theme was:  “Kilos Kabataang Manggagawa para sa Dignidad at Karapatan” (Young Workers Acting for their Dignity and Rights). Indeed, the movement believes that as actors of change, action should be the starting point in changing the realities of young workers and the way to transform the society through its Task of Education (TOE).


    One of the highlights of the NC program was the exchange of leaders exposing the delegates to different areas of work in Valenzuela City. A first group visited the contractual group of Malanday, a second group stayed with the pedicab base group of Lawang Bato, and a third one visited a mixed group of young people in Vista Verde.


    See and feel the local reality of young workers


    The objective of the program was for the delegates to see and feel the reality of the YWs in the area by living with them at least for 1 day and to learn from YWs’ experiences. Each delegate had to share about their realities and experience in their regions in order to deepen the analysis and find common points to be used as a basis at the NC proper to take action and address issues affecting YWs’ lives.



    "Young Workers in the World of Work Today, our Vision for Tomorrow"


    The delegates and national movement’s representatives of the International Young Christian Workers together with the members of Catholic Inspired Organizations, associations and trade unions, gathered in Bandung, Indonesia from August 14-22, 2018, for an International Exchange and Seminar on the theme “Young workers in the world of work today – our vision for tomorrow. Reshaping the Future of Work in the midst of digitalization, ecological change, precariousness and unemployment”


    The delegates are convinced that Just Work is an integral part of the human beings’ personal fulfilment that should guarantee their participation in the development of society. However, the world of work today does not guarantee the young workers, and workers in general, a sustainable life as we are facing unemployment and precariousness around the world.


    They have seen that more and more young workers are victims of long working hours, lack of social protection, informalization of work, and low wages. It is difficult for us to meet the needs of our families. The digitalization of work results in the dismissal of workers and leads to unemployment. Likewise, the way in which work is being organised is disintegrating our working relationships and depriving workers from the right to free association.


  4. The International Young Christian Workers is about to open an International Exchange and Seminar together with the Future of Work Network in Bandung, Indonesia this coming August 12-24, 2018. 


    We welcome all our delegates from national movements of YCW from Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia-Pacific, as well as delegates and guests from our network the like of Justice and Peace-Germany, International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC), International Movement of Catholic Agricultural and Rural Young (MIJARC), International Coordination of Young Christian Workers (ICYCW), International Movement of Christian Workers (MMTC), World Solidarity and many others.


    The International Seminar 2018 in Bandung is a dynamic activity to exchange the reality on the life and work of young workers, our culture and our action.  By coming together we are writing the history of young workers in the context of World of Work (wow) and by then we are putting a stone-mark of vision of the Future of Work (fow).

  5. The International YCW has lost a former YCW member, Marie-Paule Crockaert, who died yesterday at the age of 69.


    Marie-Paule had been working for years as a volunteer in the archives of the IYCW International Secretariat, and her contribution was essential to preserve the history of our young workers’ movement.


    The International YCW expresses its deepest sympathy to her family and her many friends.





    Thank you for your strong commitment to our movement. You have walked with us for years. Today you are gone but you have left in our hearts the most beautiful part of you, your joy, your cheerfulness, your energy, your sense of solidarity.


    Marie-Paule, today, tomorrow and forever!



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