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    The International YCW is concerned about young workers from all countries, on all continents. In the different moments and stages of the history of our movement, the organization of youth groups, from the initial awareness of their problems to the collective action to solve them, to finally the shaping of a specific identity of the Panafrican YCW, has always been a challenge.

    Today in this issue of the newsletter, we thought it would be interesting to provide you with some information and analysis on Africa. It is also a call to solidarity from other continents, starting with the time you spend reading the articles in the following pages. We encourage you to get to know and understand a little more about the reality of that continent, the vision of the young people who contributed their testimonies and examples of the actions that are being carried out to reinforce the work of the YCW, the efforts to extend the movement to new countries, the role of former activists and leaders, in solidarity with the historical mission of the International YCW. In this respect, this special issue on Africa aims to strengthen the Panafrican YCW.

    In addition, starting with this issue, the newsletter begins its journey towards the celebration of the YCW's centenary. We will keep you informed about the work of the organizing committee and the initiatives in the countries and regions to achieve the goals that we have set for the centenary activities. Enjoy reading the newsletter!



  2. The third edition of the Summer School Week on Environment took place from January 21 to 27 at the El Quisco YCW Retreat House, located on the picturesque hillsides of the Valparaiso region. This week-long educational event aims to have an impact on the reality of young people and children, focusing on environmental issues that threaten our territories and affect our lives in significant ways. Its key objective is to offer an enriching educational experience focused on environmental awareness and community action.


  3. "My name is Janrick Macinas, I'm 23 years old. I work as a porter in the fishing port in Mercedes. My employer pays me a daily wage of 200 pesos (US$4). My salary is not enough to meet the basic needs of my family. My dream is to finish my studies, but I wasn’t able to go to school, not even to finish my primary school because I need to work for my family. In my work, I am exposed to the risk of accidents. I often slip on the wet floor and I'm prone to infections and skin allergies due to certain toxic materials from the fish and the port. Recently, I was sick and not able to do heavy work. I am afraid to start my own family because I don’t know how I could provide for them.”


  4. Egypt is faced with an extremely high inflation rate, with the cost of living, food and basic necessities increasing daily. The country's wealth is unevenly distributed, with over 75% of the population living in poverty.

    The country is opening the door to loans from the World Bank for construction and reconstruction projects, while at the same time erasing human-related activities and development, in particular education, health and housing.

    Due to the economic crisis, many children, boys and girls alike, have dropped out of school to enter the job market. They generally work in difficult conditions and in informal jobs, in stores, soap factories, clothing factories, etc., without any protection or care and with wages that are not sufficient to cover daily needs.


  5. By Brian Geronimo

    Japan is one of the best places and destinations in Asia for tourism and work. It is due to his unparalleled and unique culture, advanced technology, and heavy manufacturing industries. Japan’s economy relies mainly on the manufacturing sector, electro-mechanical technology, car production and retail trade industries.

    During the field mission of IYCW-ASPAC to YCW Japan, one of the best learning experiences was the deep sharing of their cultural heritage and work values. Although the language and beliefs may vary from other countries in Asia and the rest of the World, the working conditions of many young people in Japan are not far removed from the conditions and situations of young people in other countries, especially in the social and economic aspects of life.



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