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  1. On August 16, 2023, a mob of around 7,000 people stormed a Christian colony where they ransacked and torched a couple of Christian houses and 30 churches to ashes over blasphemy allegations. The mob also attacked nearby Christian graveyard. At least, 1000 Christian families got directly affected.

    The Pakistan YCW is launching a campaign to provide essential items that will ensure the safety, well-being, and dignity of these families. To do this, they need your support. Please read their appeal below.


  2. A training week was organized by the Chile YCW from July 5 to 9. This enriching experience took place at the El Quisco YCW retreat house, located on the coast of the Valparaiso region. During this event, young people from different communities and backgrounds came together to share experiences, gain new knowledge and reflect on issues that concern our young people. We were delighted to have the active participation of representatives from the Peru YCW as part of our joint efforts to strengthen co-responsibility between the two organizations.


  3. The IYCW addressed the 111th Session of the International Labour Conference held from 5th to 16th June 2023 calling for social justice that will guarantee a life with dignity to empower people, and to transform societies in a just and sustainable manner based on the principles of equality, justice, solidarity, and participatory democracy.


  4. The Young Christian Workers of Peru, an organization of young workers present in 17 communities throughout the country and backed by 88 years of organic life, action and training, is a standard bearer of the struggle for dignified work and life for young people throughout the world. It focuses on training and education, action and the search for a critical, analytical and proactive spirit to promote the protagonism of young people in their lives, communities, schools and workplaces, starting out from their own realities.

    Members of the Peruvian YCW meet every year in a forum where they can share experiences, reflect on the movement, propose strategies, and make responsible decisions to strengthen the YCW.


  5. The Philippine Young Christian Workers-Camarines Norte successfully held their first ever Leadership and Membership Camp (LAMP2023) last May 13-14, 2023 in Masalongsalong, Mercedes, Camarines Norte. It was attended by 37 young people from different YCW base groups of the said region.

    The two-day event included various activities such as camping, discussion with an expert from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), mangrove planting, social and solidarity night.

    The DENR representative discussed the importance of and way of protecting our natural resources like the mountains, rivers and oceans, including the flora and fauna living on it and underneath. He emphasized that if we take care of Mother Earth, it will reciprocally take care of us.



Fr, 03.11.23 - So, 05.11.23 Leitungsrat in Münster
Mi, 22.11.23 - Do, 23.11.23 BI-Netzwerktagung in Köln
Fr, 24.11.23 - So, 26.11.23 BAG Geschlechtergerechtigkeit III in Köln
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