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  1. Egypt is faced with an extremely high inflation rate, with the cost of living, food and basic necessities increasing daily. The country's wealth is unevenly distributed, with over 75% of the population living in poverty.

    The country is opening the door to loans from the World Bank for construction and reconstruction projects, while at the same time erasing human-related activities and development, in particular education, health and housing.

    Due to the economic crisis, many children, boys and girls alike, have dropped out of school to enter the job market. They generally work in difficult conditions and in informal jobs, in stores, soap factories, clothing factories, etc., without any protection or care and with wages that are not sufficient to cover daily needs.


  2. By Brian Geronimo

    Japan is one of the best places and destinations in Asia for tourism and work. It is due to his unparalleled and unique culture, advanced technology, and heavy manufacturing industries. Japan’s economy relies mainly on the manufacturing sector, electro-mechanical technology, car production and retail trade industries.

    During the field mission of IYCW-ASPAC to YCW Japan, one of the best learning experiences was the deep sharing of their cultural heritage and work values. Although the language and beliefs may vary from other countries in Asia and the rest of the World, the working conditions of many young people in Japan are not far removed from the conditions and situations of young people in other countries, especially in the social and economic aspects of life.


  3. In Nicaragua, maquilas have become the main source of income over the years. Until 2019, the country had 52 industrial parks and 226 companies but due to the social situation and the Covid-19 pandemic, massive layoffs took place and many companies closed their doors without paying compensation to their workers.

    Since 2020, hundreds of young people have emigrated to other countries (Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, Spain, El Salvador). With the loss of investors in the country, the job shortage further impoverished households directly dependent on those large global supply chains, as many of these young people lacked the professional education that would have enabled them to find other formal work options.



    Dear women of the world,  

    Happy International Women's Day 2024!

    Today we are celebrating the incredible strength, resilience, and achievements of women from all walks of life. It is a day to honor the progress we have made and to acknowledge the work that still lies ahead in achieving gender equality.


  5. If you are a recent graduate or a young worker from the province, looking for your first job or having been looking for work for a long time in the Manila metropolitan area, offers may exist, but these are usually contractual agreements. Some of you may be hesitant to take on these positions, while some have no option but to accept the job. This reality is reflected in many testimonies of YCW members in Valenzuela City.

    YCW Philippines, together with other trade unions and organizations, is calling for an “ENDO” of the contractualization system in the Philippines. Contractualization is actually bad not just for workers but for all Filipinos. It may take a decade of struggle, but right now, we can already do something about it.


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